July 2, 2015

     I sit tonight in a hotel room in Pensylvania, halfway through my very first book tour. Things are going well, and I am excited for the last two stops on Saturday and Sunday.

     My spouse was able to join me on this tour, and it has made things so much easier. I enjoy meeting fellow book lovers and readers, as I am always going to be a fan of good fiction myself. I write what I do for myself, but for the readers out there as well...may I never lose sight of that.

March 18, 2015

Well today i reclaimed my original domain name of cjgalaway.com and have linked it to this one. While I am happy I am also sad at the same time. Because I wonder what has happened to the friend I had when I started this journey to become a writer. 

I realize that not all people are meant to stay with us for a lifetime, some pass through, teaching a lesson while ohers are meant for us to teach. These lessons are not always easy, nor are they without pain. But we learn from them and hopefully move on to continue learning.


Welcome to my journal also known as my home of random, strange, and sometimes twisted thoughts. This is where I will share my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and even some fears with you. 

So welcome to the heart and soul of my imagination. Step up and prepare to have your imagination fed...

April 26, 2015

I find it interesting that people never fit stereotypes...I mean wouldn't it be as easy as creaing a character for a novel or story? But then how believable would these people be? Would they be one or even two dimensional? Granted some people in the so-called real world are, but most are way more complex than that. 

Shouldn't the characters in a story be that complex too? Not in a way that makes them difficult to follow or understand, but in a way that makes that person come alive for the reader?